Finding The Best Juicer On The Market

best juicer on the market 300x265 Finding The Best Juicer On The MarketJuicing is a very popular thing these days. After all, everyone wants to stay as healthy as possible. Juicing is a very healthy process. It can even help you to save some money. However, finding the best juicer on the market can be tough. Each one is quite different from the next.

When you’re looking for a juicer, it’s important to balance cost with functions and features. You need a juicer that is built to last, but one that doesn’t have a high price tag. So, let’s look at some things to consider before you buy one.

Easy Cleaning

Any juicer that you buy needs to be easy to clean. So, look for one that is easy to dismantle and wash. It’s best if most or all of the components can also safely go in a dishwasher. That is especially important if you want to make your own juice on a daily or weekly basis. If the cleaning process is too difficult, it may keep you from using your juicer.

Appropriate Size

The best juicers should have plenty of room in the pulp container and the juicer jug. Be sure that you can make enough juice at a time to make the process worthwhile. Nobody wants to make a glass or two at a time. It is much more convenient to make a larger batch.

Gear-Based Juicing

You should also look for a juicer that uses a gear-based juicing process. The lower RPM and crushing actions will help to reduce the risk of oxidation. That means that the juice will retain more nutrients. Therefore, each glass that you drink will be healthier than it might otherwise be if it were from a different type of juicer.

Even if you follow those guidelines, you still have a lot of options. Sometimes the choice will simply come down to which juicer you happen to like. Here are some great juicers that should certainly be at the top of your list.

The Philips HR1861 Aluminum Whole Fruit Juicer

The HR1861 has a 75 mm feeding tube and a 2 liter pulp container. It also has a twin speed motor that operates at 700 watts. That means that it is powerful and fast. So, if you want to make a lot of juice in a short period of time, it might be the right choice for you.

Oster 3157

The Oster 3157 is a centrifugal juicer. It runs at 400 watts and it is a continuous juicer. In other words, the automatic pulp ejector will allow you to keep right on juicing. You won’t need to clean out the pulp basket and then continue.

Hamilton Beach Big Mouth 67600

Some juicers require you to cut the fruits and vegetables up a bit before you juice them. The Hamilton Beach Big Mouth 67600 requires no such preparations. You can toss whole vegetables and fruits right into it. The 800 watt motor will make short work of juicing just about anything. It can even juice the toughest of fruits and vegetables, while also easily ejecting the pulp automatically.

Juiceman Jr JM400

Finally, some people think that the best juicer on the market is the JM400. It has a 700 watt motor and a stainless steal casing. It also has both low and high speed settings. So, as you are researching juicers, you should definitely consider the JM400.

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