Detox For Weight Loss – Tips On Juice Cleansing

Juice cleansing for weight loss is becoming a fairly popular trend. In fact, there are many different juice diets out there. Each one has its own benefits. As with any detox for weight loss, they are all meant to clean out your body and to jump start its metabolism, leading to better and faster weight loss. Is a juice diet cleanse right for you?

Time And Amount Are Key Factors

The first big problem with just about any cleansing juice diet is that they are only meant to be done for a week or so. However, many people either try to stay on them far too long or find that they don’t lose weight as quickly once they go off of the juice detox.

Really, that is to be expected when you think about how juicing works. It is meant to flush out your insides and clean solid matter and waste products out. However, there is only so much waste that can be flushed out at any given time. It’s not good to over flush the system because your body isn’t given a chance to absorb the nutrients that it needs.

That leads to the second big problem, which is the amount of juice that people consume at any given time. You see, some people think that since juice is good, more juice is even better. Drinking too much of it in a sitting can actually slow your metabolism down. That’s why it is so important to follow a juice diet plan to the letter.

Avoiding Acidic Juices

Certain juices are more acidic than others. Due to the acidic nature of some, such as tomato juice, they are not recommended for weight loss. They tend to be difficult for your body to digest during the brief fasting period of a colon cleanse.

Of course, even though you need to avoid acidic juices you still have plenty of options. For example, the juices of apples, spinach, beets, celery and carrots are all perfect for a cleansing juice diet. In fact, you can even combine several juices to make different flavors and avoid becoming bored with your juicing regimen.

Bonus Features Of Juicing

Juice diets also have several added bonus features besides just weight loss. They are natural and fully customizable ways to revitalize your body, for instance. A juice detox for weight loss diet can give you more energy to perform daily tasks. In fact, juicing can even help people to quit smoking or drinking alcohol.

Considering all of the bonus features of juice cleansing for weight loss, there’s really no reason not to try it. Just be sure to find the right juice or juices for you and to follow specific directions. Knowing how much juice to take and when to quit can be the most important weight loss tools you have.

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