Juicing For Weight Loss – Vegetable Or Fruit Juice Diet?

Nobody will argue the fact that fruits and vegetables are good for you, but what exactly is the best juice for weight loss… is it fruit juice or vegetable juice? To answer that, you need to understand the properties of both and why juicing for weight loss may be a good strategy to jump start your diet efforts.

Vegetable Juice Diet

Vegetable juices are extremely high in nutrients that your body needs to function on a daily basis. There are certain essential oils that can be combined with vegetable juice to make it even more effective for weight loss. For example, both flax seed oil and fish oil can help your body to better absorb the minerals and vitamins provided by the vegetable juice.

Vegetable juice is also known for its detoxifying properties. It can help you to cleanse your system of waste materials, including solid materials. That will lead to a quick reduction in weight for you.

Another interesting thing about vegetable juices is that they take a while to properly process, in most cases. So, your body has a lot of time in which to burn calories while processing the vegetable juice. More calories burned equals more weight lost by the next time you step on your scale.

Fruit Juice Diet

Like vegetable juices, fruit juices can also be good colon cleansers. However, some of that depends on the type of fruit that you choose. For example, citrus fruit juices are particularly well-known for their healing and weight loss qualities.

Another great thing about fruits is that they are high in fiber. Fiber can help to regulate your colon and allow you to process food more efficiently. That can also help you to drop unwanted weight quickly.

The only problem is that many people either buy fruit juice in a store or squeeze their own fresh fruit juice. In either case, most of the fiber has been removed, since it can be mainly found in the bulk of the fruit itself, not the juice.

The best solution to get around that problem is to simply not juice your fruit. Instead, run it through a high quality blender. That will allow you to get your daily fiber as well as extra nutrients from your fruit juice.

Change Things Up When You’re Juicing For Weight Loss

The nice thing about both fruits and vegetables is that you have the ability to change things up. It’s not as if you only have one fruit and one vegetable to pick from. There are many different types of each.

The versatility of them means that you may even find some juice combinations that you like. So, losing weight with a juice drink doesn’t have to be boring or feel like a chore. You should be able to find some great juice drinks that you actually enjoy and can benefit from health wise.

So, what is the best juice for weight loss? That is really up to you. You could go with a fruit juice diet or with a vegetable juice diet. For the best results, you probably should do a combination of both. In any case, you’re likely to lose weight and feel more healthy too when you follow a sensible juicing program.

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