The Lemon Juice Detox – What You Need To Know To Make It Work

There are many different reasons to detox your body. Certain medical conditions, trying to lose weight and trying to quit smoking are among them. Whatever your reasons are, a lemon juice detox could help you. However, it’s important to know the right procedure before you begin.

Lemon Juice Benefits

First of all, you should know that lemon juice is good for a lot of things. It isn’t just going to help you cleanse your colon or lose weight. It can protect you from minor illnesses, like the flu. It can clear up minor infections. It can relieve the pain of some headaches. It can even help to aid digestion or dissolve gall stones.

All of that is in addition to the fact that lemon juice has calming properties. A nice cup of tea with lemon can really alleviate the stresses of day to day activity. Of course, if you can clean your body and lose weight with it, that will relieve even more stress.

When To Do It

As far as when to detox with lemon juice, it depends a bit on what you want to accomplish. If you simply want to clean out your insides, a little bit before bed should help. If you actually want to lose weight, though, you may want to have a little lemon juice in the morning. That choice is yours.

How To Do It

As far as how to do the detox, the first thing you have to do is mix the drink. Obviously, drinking straight lemon juice would be difficult, if not impossible for some people. So, it’s best to add 2 tablespoons of maple syrup or honey to the juice of a medium-sized lemon and mix it all in a large glass of water.

For an even better lemon juice cleanser, you can also take advantage of the curative properties of other ingredients. For example, cayenne pepper is known for its healing properties. So is ginger. So, you could add just a little bit of either to your detox drink.

Watch What You Eat

Foods that are “heavy” or particularly unhealthy aren’t good to eat when you are on a detox diet because they will really bring your metabolism to a crawl. That is particularly bad when you are trying to lose weight.

Most people do a lemon juice detoxification cleanse while fasting. Lemon juice does contain the moisture and the nutrients that your body needs, but it only supplies those for a short time. So, although you can fast during the detox, you may not want to. You might even have better results if you don’t, as long as the foods that you are eating are healthy.

Good In Moderation

Most things are good in moderation. A lemon juice detox is no exception. It is not meant to be a prolonged thing. You have to be sure to know when to quit. After all, it is only meant to clean your body, not to sustain it in the long run.

A note about the Master Cleanse Diet, which is also referred to as the Lemonade Diet… you’ve probably heard about the lemon detox diet that generally uses maple syrup and cayenne pepper along with lemons as a 10 day cleansing program. While most people report that it works, they admit that it’s very hard to follow – especially for the entire 10 day period. If you’re interested in trying this particular detox plan, you might want to check out one of the guides that help you follow the program and get the most out of it. There are a handful of these companion guides available and the best two we’ve found are Master Cleanse Secrets 10 Day Diet and Lemonade Cleanse: The Refresh Button.

If you’ve done a lemon juice detox such as the Master Cleanse, you’re invited to share your experiences below in the comments section so that others can benefit too.

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