What Is Juice Fasting And How Does It Work?

What is juice fasting and how does it work? Well, it is a means of getting harmful toxins and waste materials out of your body. More than that though, juice fasting, or juicing, is meant to strengthen your body at the same time.

The big difference between juicing and “crash dieting” is that your body needs a lot of the vitamins and minerals found in those juices. Many “crash diets” involve starvation or unhealthy diet pills and, assuming they work at all, the effects are only temporary.

The Juice Fasting Process

Juice fasting is meant to eliminate all solids from your body, which will make you lose some immediate weight, of course. However, it’s also meant to clean your body and prepare it for ongoing healthy eating habits and weight loss. In other words, it’s only the first step of a process.

You can actually slow down your metabolism by juicing for too long. That can make you gain weight. Also, an all liquid diet for a prolonged period of time can make you dizzy and even make you pass out. In fact, you shouldn’t go on an all juice diet for more than 3 days. The results could be very hazardous to your health. However, it is perfectly fine to drink fruit or vegetable juice on a regular basis along with your normal, solid food diet, even after the 3 days are up.

Immune System

Your immune system is basically your body’s defensive network. It is what fights off diseases and helps to cure ailments. A healthy immune system can keep you from getting sick as often as you otherwise might.

The great thing about juicing is that it can actually boost your immune system in addition to helping you lose weight. There are so many nutrients in fruit and vegetable juices that you may find yourself more energized than ever before when you are juicing.

A boosted immune system also means that your body will be better equipped to heal itself. So, any minor injuries that you may have could clear up quicker. They might even be prevented entirely.

Exercise Is Easier

The nice thing about that energy boost is that it may even spur you on to exercise a bit, or at least increase your general activity level. That can certainly help you to burn more calories and lose more unwanted weight. That is another bonus of juice fasting.

So, what is juice fasting good for? As you can see, it is good for all sorts of things. Everything from weight loss to increasing energy to preventing illnesses can all be done with juicing. Just be sure to balance it with eating a healthy diet, too.

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